War of Hackers



Belluminar, hacking contest of POC, started at POC2015 in KOREA for the first time. Belluminar is from ‘Bellum’(war in Latin) and ‘seminar’. It is not a just hacking contest but a kind of festival consisted of CTF & seminar for the solution about challenges. Only invited teams can join Belluminar. Each team can show its ability to attack what other teams want to protect and can defend what others want to attack.

Belluminar will not be restricted in one area but emerged as a worldwide hacking event. The beginning of Belluminar seemed to be humble, so properous will the future of it be.


# 2018.11.15
Belluminar POC2018 Winner
- CyKor is the Winner of Belluminar 2019

# 2018.09.12
Belluminar POC2018 Team List
- Kaist GoN
- KoreanGang
- LeaveCat
- Team H4C

# 2018.09.01
Belluminar POC will be held
- DATE: 2018.11.8 ~ 9
- VENUE: The-K Seoul hotel, Seoul, Korea


1. Submit the challenge
  Each team is required to submit 2 challenges to the challenge bank of the sponsor.

2.Restrictions of the challenge
  Challenge 1: must be on the Linux platform;
  Challenge 2: No platform restriction
  No challenge type restriction (Pwn, Reverse...)

3. Score
  (1) CTF(60%)
    Flags Score
  (2) Seminar(30%)
    Marking by the judge
  (3) Miscellaneous score(10%)
    Time limit and criterion of challenge submission

4. Disciplines
  It is forbidden to reveal challenges ahead of contest schedule.
  It is forbidden to attack the server of the contest.
  It is forbidden to attack the server of other teams.



Now is the recruitment period for participating teams.


You can get the archives of previous BELLUMINAR

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You can contact us by email.

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